Linux Router Project (LRP) Stuff

Welcome to my meager page of Linux Router Project (LRP) stuff.

Here are notes from my LRP presentation at the December 1999 TCLUG meeting.

Here's an LRP boot disk image (1743k, dual ethernet, DSL, based on Kilimanjaro), and a boot diskette creation example:

    superformat /dev/fd0 sect=21 cyl=83
    mknod /dev/fd0u1743 b 2 76
    dd if=1743-lrp-dsl.floppy of=/dev/fd0u1743 bs=1024

David Ranch's Linux home page is an excellent Linux security resource (TrinityOS).

Here's an LRP boot disk image based on EigerStein that includes a 2.2.18 kernel, triple ethernet (3C509 only), minicom (for talking to MGMT port of Cisco 675), and Seattle Firewall scripts. A boot diskette creation example for this diskette:

    superformat /dev/fd0 sect=21 cyl=80
    dd if=EigerStein_custom.bin of=/dev/fd0u1680 bs=1024
The superformat command is commonly included as part of a fdutils package.

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