A page dedicated to the appreciation of freely available unix-like systems.

(Caveat: this page is being written as I make plans to migrate my home servers from Debian (Potato & Woody) to FreeBSD.)

FreeBSD Rocks

FreeBSD rocks because of its suitability for use as a server.

Fine grained control over upgrades. Ports system facilitates flexibility in usage and maintenance of third party software, and avoids artificial dependencies that arise as a side effect of binary package systems.

Tightly integrated base system.

Lack of emphasis on indoctrination, righteous indignation, "us" vs. "them" mentality, petty semantics, etc. This may have provided the final impetus for my move to FreeBSD.

(to be continued ...)

Linux Rocks

Linux rocks because of its proven ability to attract and energize a widespread community.

(to be continued ...)

OpenBSD Rocks

For my purposes, OpenBSD rocks primarily because of its suitability for use as a firewall.

(to be continued ...)

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